Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti.

When I saw this book on Amazon I knew it was just for me. 
'My Wonderful World of Fashion; A book for creating, drawing and dreaming' by Nina Chakrabarti is an illustrated fashion colouring book.
Okay, I may sound like a five year old - it is a colouring in book, right? - but when you look at the insides of this book, you'll know why I'm so excited to receive it in the post.


 As well as these amazing colouring in tasks, Nina also tells the readers to make their own fashion items and gives them subtle fashion tips throughout. Making badges and decorating tops are just a few of these make do tasks.


So after seeing how amazing this book is, I decided to look at other works Nina Chakrabarti has done. There are lots of brands, including: Topshop, Marks & Spencers and Mazda, that have employed her to do some beautiful illustrations. 
Here are a few of her recent works,

These amazing aboriginal inspired 'doodles', for I Want You Magazine, actually inspired me to do some magazine doodles of my own. I may post these later, if I actually think they're good enough.


So as you can see, this Central St. Martins student is truly amazing. 
Bringing such a unique way of drawing to the world of art; she draws everything with such a passion.

Who's your favourite artist/illustrator?
Olivia ♥

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