Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hmm. I want to go back!

Looking through the pictures of my holiday just makes me want to go back! 
I did lots of things I've never done in Thailand, including riding an elephant!  It was most probably the best holiday I've ever been on. Actually, scrap the 'most probably' bit, it was the best holiday I've been on! 

Here are some pictures from the holiday;

This was the general feel of the holiday, relaxing on white sand and dipping in the sea when it got too hot. Which was quite often!

From left; My sister Kitt and I. 
This was a highlight of the holiday. I mean, come on, when do you ever get to ride on an elephant?!

From left; Kitt, Me, My sister Beau and my Dad.

Me and a monkey at a bar. I look strange in this picture!
 A lizard I found in my bathroom! Very Scary.

From left; Beau, Kitt, Me, My step-mum Anna and Dad.

I love this picture, I don't know why!

And a few outfit posts;

Kitt; Trousers and Shoes, H&M. Belt, vintage. Watch, Somewhere in Thailand. Bag, Primark.
Me; Play suit, Some market in Thailand. Shoes, Topshop. Bracelets, Primark.

 Me; Crop top, Elegantly Waisted at Clothes Show London. High waisted shorts, Motel.
Silly hat for the outfit but this is the only picture of the clothes.

Kitt; Playsuit, Matalan. Belt, vintage.

Kitt; Playsuit, Topshop. Sandals,Dorothy Perkins.

Sorry, if you got bored of me rambling on about my holiday, but if you like just look at the pictures!
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  1. I would LOVE to go there, the pictures look so fun! :)

  2. love your style and really enjoy what you bring to fashion blogging...


  3. Thailand sounds amaaazing! What is the shirt dress type thing in the elephant pictures? It's gorgeous. I just found your blog and am liking it - guessing you guys are in year 10? I'm a year 11, also mildly obsessed with fashion and Karl Lagerfeld



  4. wow, looks like you had an amazing time! (i wanna ride an elephant...) and somehow (?) you managed to stay cute the entire time!! usually when i'm on vacation i revert to rubber flip-flops and denim shorts. ;)

  5. CANNOT believe you rode an elephant - madness!

  6. it must be so much fun ! i went to thailand a couple months ago and yeah it was amazing . lovely photos . and i hate lizards . they're disgusting . haha . and next time you should go to bali ! (or have you ?) it's so beautiful there :D

  7. Wow Thailand sounds like a brilliant place to visit! Pretty photos :)

  8. looks like you had tons of fun! jealousssss



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