Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cause we can't take our eyes off the t-shirt and ties combination, Well see you later, innovator .

Friday was crazy! I went to see Arctic Monkeys, they were absolutely brilliant. I think I almost fainted when Alex Turner came on stage!
But, I was by myself like half the night! I lost all my friends and had to just party on by myself! Ha, was amazing anyway! I was covered in cider by the end of it, people just threw their cups, half full, in the air. After the concert we all stayed at my friend Ryan's house, which was really fun too.
So, yeah, overall a pretty hectic night.  

Anyway, the other evening I was on the computer and realised I needed to do something a bit more productive with my evening. I mean, I love being on the computer, but I just felt like doing something abit less boring with my night.  So I got out my Jack Wills Summer handbook and created this.

Yeaah, it's not amazing, but it is more creative than what I would have produced with the usual evening on facebook and msn, e.g. nothing.

Here is my 'Inspiration on a Friday', on a Sunday! 

Sorry that this post is like so mismatch-y. 

PS I love these people and this photo.


  1. glad you had a good time at arctic monkeys :)

    i don't know if you got the picture of alex turner, or the last one from my blog, (they are on there), if you did; would you mind crediting them to me please?


  2. Yeah, I got the last picture from you, but not the Alex Turner one. I think it's edited slightly different.
    But yeah, sure I'll credit you!

  3. i want to have all these beautiful shoes,
    they're fabulous!


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