Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm seeing double. I'm seeing double.

I had a lovely day yesterday, just sat around and watched (500) days of Summer, for the second time. I absolutely love that film; I'll post some screen shots of it later.   

So, anyway anyone ever noticed how alike Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry look?
If you don't know who they are, this is Zooey and this is Katy
STOP! If you're about to search for more pictures of them. DON'T, because you might come across the pictures I'm about to post. 
Basically, I've got a little game for you! I just thought I'd see how many of you knew one from the other! You have to guess which is Zooey and which is Katy.
I'll post two pictures, together, with 'A' and 'B' wrote on them and you can keep your answers on a bit of paper or something!
Right, here we go!

 So, got all your answers down? 
Scroll down for the answers!


Here are the answers!

1) A: Katy B: Zooey
2) A: Zooey B: Katy
3) A: Katy B: Zooey
4) A: Katy B: Zooey
5) A: Katy B: Zooey
6) A: Zooey B: Katy
Comment with how many you got right. 

Olivia, xx
PS This was just for fun; not a real competition!!


  1. haha, i got 4 right! funny stuffff

    thanks for stopping by our blog, and sorry its taking so long for us o reply. i'm just waiting for Mag to get back from soccer because i don't know how to get to our email ahah.. but they'll be up today, I PROMISE :)


  2. haha cute quiz! it's crazy how similar they look.

    xo SAUVAGE

  3. I've never noticed that! They really do look very similar.

  4. yay! i got them ALL right!


    your blog is really really cool, i wish mine was so cool hehe! :)


  5. yep i was just saying to bf b4 that both zooey & katy look really alike!

  6. i've noticed it before
    but never pointed it out
    but KATY AND ZOOEY do have their similarities BAD :):)

  7. first time i saw Yes Man, I was like katy perry is in this.. nope zooey! cant believe how alike they are! I love 500days of summer!! :) great post! xx

  8. nice work on the quiz..I had fun playing it ;)


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