Wednesday, 21 October 2009

This is like a FLASHBACK.

Well, Liv has now gone to Thailand and left me blogging on my own for ten days. But anyway, I think I'm going to post something, which isn't really anything to do with fashion. But, on Monday night, me and some friends went to go and see Calvin Harris and Mr Hudson live, and it was the best experience i have ever had. So i guess i will just do a quick post on Calvin Harris and Mr Hudson

Mr Hudson is definitely hotter in real life, I'm telling you, ;)

Calvin Harris, he is one crazy man, on stage he dances around like a loon. :)
But yeah, if you see their gig coming up, BUY TICKETS, it's AMAZING.


  1. oh how adore how guys do their ties like the guy in the second picture

  2. i LOVE calvin harris :D
    love the 4th picture!

    love annie <3.


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