Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Sawatdee! (This means 'Hello' in Thai)

 Sorry for the less frequent posts lately. I've been busy with school work and packing for my holiday.
I'm going to Phuket in Thailand tomorrow!!  I'm sooo excited! 
Anyway, as I've just finished packing, I thought I'd relate to my holiday and post some pictures of Thailand and Thailand fashion.

I most probably wont post while I'm on holiday, so bye for 10 days!
I will read all your blog posts and any comments you leave on my blog though.
Oh and by the way, I look at every person's blog that comments, so keep commenting!

Olivia. ♥

PS Thanks so much to Annie for PrettyPolaroid's first blog award! You've made us both very happy!

We've got to pass it on, so here are my favorite blogs I want to pass it too. Alice might post her favorite blogs on her post, but here are mine.
No particular order. 
2. Style Bird  
 You five blogs can take the award if you'd like. Just copy the picture then post your five favourite blogs!


  1. OMG Have the best time!! I am so jealous- those pictures are extraordinairy!!


  2. ooooh... i am so jealous. i've always wanted to go to thailand. anyway, u have a great time!

  3. zomggg!
    thailand! i'm going there at the end of the year!
    i'm excited :)

    and i love those collections,
    inspirational :)

    love annie <3

  4. OH WHEN YOU GO THAILAND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES KAY? and thank you so much for the award!

  5. thailand sounds amazing, hope you have fun and post up some more fashionable posts!

  6. I love the photos of Thailand..Beautiful!! Thank you so much for the award!! xoxo ava


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