Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wake me up, when September Ends.

Oh gosh. This month has gone sooo quick! It hasn't been an amazing month, but it's not been bad.
The best bits of my month have been;
- Starting Pretty Polaroid with Alice. Of course this had to be on the list, I'm so glad I actually started the blog, I've been wanting to start one for ages!  
- Subscribing to Elle. I don't have to pay £3.60 every month now, woo!

- Starting textiles at school.  
- Winning the first thing I've won in years! Okay, so it was only a DVD but I never win anything! 
- And, Getting my braces off.

This is all I can think of! I've so not got a good memory.
Anyway, next months I can't wait to go see Jamie T in concert - if he's not ill!? Apparently hes got larynjitus at the moment and with 2 days until the concert, it's not good! - and to go to Thailand on holiday! Sooo.. enough about me, more about fashion!


I also love the t-shirts from All Saints, the quality is amazing and they are just so pretty.


Lots of love.

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  1. i love the vest thingy in the first picture!


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