Sunday, 6 December 2009

boo you, infrequent posting.

So, I haven't really been posting much lately. There isn't really a reason for this, just haven't got round to it. I'll try and post quite a bit this week..

I'm going to the Clothes Show Live on Wednesday and I'm reaaally excited. I went to Clothes Show London in June and it was so good, I bought loads. This time I've got more money so hopefully it should be even better than last time! Whilst on the Clothes Show website, I found Me&Yu a shop that is exhibiting at the Clothes Show, I'm definitely going to be buying something from them.

Here are some pictures from their lookbook;

I love it all!
So, yeah when I'm back from the Clothes Show I'll post some pictures of what I got and of the day.



  1. thanks for the comment!!

    the link to the studs is now posted under that post:)


  2. Great pics..have fun at the Clothes Show. xoxo ava


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